World Environment Day Webinar for Staff

World Environment Day Webinar for Staff

The Earth we live in abounds with wonders, mysteries and miracles. Out of these, the most spectacular, spontaneous and splendid is what we call “Nature”. The selfish activities of humans have resulted in destruction and depletion of this precious and free gift. Luckily, Mother Earth is resilient. But she needs our help. In order to raise awareness about this pressing issue and to show how ecosystems can be revived, we at The Yenepoya School conducted a virtual program on the occasion of World Environment Day, June 05, 2021with the theme titled, COVID-19 REJUVENATION OF MOTHER NATURE.

The program began with the introduction by the MC, Ms. Gloria J Rodrigues. Ms. Jean Braggs invoked God’s blessings with a prayer song.

The program was graced by the esteemed dignitaries Dr Elias Gerald D'Silva (Chief Guest) Mrs. Mishria Javeed (Campus Director), Mrs. Grace Noronha (Principal), Mrs. Jacintha Dcosta (Vice Principal), Dr. Rita Noronha (Director, Center for development studies and education), Mr Antonio Noronha,Director of Secret Sharz and Mrs. Yvette Pereira (the Campus Coordinator).

Mrs. Vinette Fernandes welcomed the gathering with an opening speech. Ms. Swedel Dsouza from Secret Sharz introduced the Chief Guest, Dr Elias Gerald Dsilva, the assistant professor PG Department, St Aloysius College Autonomous Mangalore. Addressing the staff in his key note address, Dr Elias emphasised on the importance of preserving nature and rejuvenating it. He explained how it is crucial for teachers to go beyond the curriculum and inspire the young minds to be sensitive to nature. He also gave valuable information pertaining to waste management. Above all he said we need to focus on the 5R’s - reduce, reuse, refill, renew and recycle. This way we may decrease the generation of waste and contribute to help in restoring Mother Nature . Little efforts from our end like carrying cloth bags to the market, avoiding usage of plastic would go a long way to help rejuvenate our planet. His enlightening speech showed us how small endeavors could make a big difference.

The program was conducted in collaboration with Secret Sharz. The Director Mr. Antonio Vian Noronha addressed the gathering and expressed his gratitude in organizing this event. The program culminated with the vote of thanks delivered by Ms. Gloria J Rodrigues thanking everyone who helped in organizing the event.

The Principal, Mrs. Grace Noronha and the Campus Director Mrs. Mishria Javeed also thanked the chief guest Dr Elias Gerald Dsilva, the special guest Dr. Rita Noronha and the Secret Sharz team for this great initiative in enlightening us with this informative webinar.

Nature is a God given gift to us. It is a benign giver of all our needs. The need of the hour now is to reduce natural damage, reuse goods and recycle used elements to form newer ones. People from all parts of the world should come together to lessen the pressure on nature and restore its balance.