The Yenepoya School and Yenepoya PU College celebrates Teacher's Day!

The Yenepoya School and Yenepoya PU College celebrates Teacher's Day!

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, the students of The Yenepoya School (TYS) and Yenepoya PU (YPU) College organized a programme to celebrate Teacher’s Day through a virtual platform. The programme began with a wonderful introduction by the MC, Anshu Mariam, a student of YPU College. This was followed by the invocation of God’s blessings with a prayer song and then school’s anthem was played which enthused all present, with pride for being a part of an institution which makes them hold their heads high. Afsha Shaaz of Class X welcomed the gathering showing warmth and gratitude to all those were present. Anushree enlightened us, on the importance of Teacher’s Day.

The MC invited principal Grace Noronha to speak a few words. She enunciated that educators must empower the youth to give their best to the society. She imparted that a teacher is responsible in moulding the child and in making him/her a better human person. She also mentioned that a good teacher is an asset, not only to the students and the organization, but also to the society. A glimpse of the wishes and tributes by the alumni of the Yenepoya School and PU College left everyone warm hearted.

The MC then called upon optimistic and compassionate Campus director Mishria Javeed to speak a few words. She cited that teachers are the rock stars of education who work tirelessly to enrich the next generation. She promulgated that no other profession can replace teaching, as it is a profession that teaches all the other professions. She expressed her gratitude to these unsung covid warriors, who handheld the children through these tough times, sacrificing their happiness so that learning is not disrupted. She concluded her words by wishing all the teachers a very happy Teachers' Day.

Prapti of Class II, Alena Dsouza, of Class III, Siddharth R Shetty of Class VI and Anshu Mariam of 2nd PUC who showcased their talents and wished all their teachers, a very happy Teachers' Day. Rifam of Class X rendered the vote of thanks. The event concluded with the national anthem.