Teacher's Development Programme

Teacher's Development Programme

As rightly quoted by Robert John Meehan, “We are not ‘JUST’ teachers, we are the mangers of the world’s greatest resource: CHILDREN!”

The Yenepoya School organized a Staff Development Programme for all teachers from NEP 1 to NEP 4 in the school campus on 19th May, 2022. The programme marked the presence of Mrs. Mishria Javeed – Campus Director, Mr. Uzwal Menezas – Principal, Mrs. Euvet Pereira- Campus co-ordinator. Mr. Ronald D’souza presided the event with a brainstorming session for the teachers.

The programme commenced with an Ice Breaking Song that left the audience for more. Mr. D’souza implied that students are handed to teachers as wet clay. It becomes a moral responsibility for the teachers to mould students in the right shape. Teaching is not just a profession, but virtue. The speaker emphasized on the development of Interpersonal Relations. He stressed on the point that students have expectations from staff. Teachers can achieve the same by being a real master of the subject, communicate effectively with a clear voice and efficient language. He accentuated that body language plays a vital role in creating an overall notion.

Honorable speaker highlighted that teachers need to implement Information and Communication Technology (ICT) method apart from the regular chalk and talk to enrich and transform education for better. Also, availability of the teachers either before or after class would strengthen the teacher-pupil bond. He called for attention on being regular and punctual and also suggested the lecturers to be well-dressed with a pleasing personality. Teachers were proposed to be stern in the class and welcoming outside the class. Teachers were anticipated to timely update their knowledge about the subject.

Mr. Ronald D’souza brought to light that atleast 70% of the students should give an affirmative feedback. In such case, the organization can maintain a healthy relationship with the parents and students. He laid emphasis on not amalgamating with any political or communal organizations or seeking financial or other help from students or parents.

Teachers must treat their workplace like home. The speaker highlighted the benefits of choosing teaching as a profession. The staff was advised different ways in which they can earn respect and avoid any sort of conflicts with the students or parents. He introduced the ‘Ten Commandments’ for lecturers which would help them to deliver their best. Mr. D’souza concluded the event with an enriching ode to the teachers.