Announcement and Circular

Announcement and Circular

1. You shall be an honourable, committed and active member of The Yenepoya School Quality Circle which is determined to improve the Qeeeeuality of student life at The Yenepoya School at all levels.

2. As such you shall render wholesome support to all policies, rules and regulations introduced by The Yenepoya School in any school activity because, to sustain and to improve quality, changes are inevitable.

3. You shall get acquainted with the principle of “KAIZEN” – which means an ongoing and steady improvement of quality at all levels which is accepted and adopted by The Yenepoya School Vision.

4. You shall carefully go through the Student Planner and abide by all rules chartered therein, interact with teachers through its pages whenever you deem fit; and respond to all messages from teachers/school authority in time.

5. You shall send your ward regularly to the school in the prescribed school uniform only and follow all directions given by teachers from time to time.

6. You shall not associate yourself in any negative elements / activity which shall demoralize your ward in any manner and shall remain a responsible parent of The Yenepoya School.

7. Parents shall visit the Principal only during visiting hours on all working days; unless otherwise notified.

8. No parent will go directly to classroom or interact with any member of the staff on working days in the campus without permission from the Principal or unless otherwise notified.

9. There will be Monthly Tests / Evaluations and its result will be made available to all parents in the “Parent - Teacher Meet (PTM)”. Parents are requested to sign the report card, test papers, teacher’s remarks so that they are abreast with the progress of their child.

10. There will be PTP on every first working Saturday of the month as intimated by the school. Parents are requested to meet the respective class teachers of their children during the PTP meeting and get first-hand information from the Class Teacher regarding the performance/ behaviour/discipline / progress of your ward - son / daughter. Attendance is compulsory.

11. If a parent cannot visit the Class Teacher on PTM day, then, he/she shall obtain special permission from the Principal; otherwise, the ward will not be permitted to continue his /her studies.

12. Parents are requested to contact the School Office for all routine matters.

13. Parents are not allowed to enter the classroom during school hours. However in case of emergency, they can meet the teachers after school hours between 3.15pmto 3.45 pm.

14. There will be activities on all working Saturdays of the month. All students are expected to participate very actively in all these activities since they are part of Evaluation.

15. Students going by private transport should be picked up from school on time.

16. The diary is meant for correspondence between parents and teachers. It must be brought to school daily and should be regularly checked by parents and duly signed.

17. Parents are requested to co-operate in the working of the school by enforcing punctuality, discipline and taking a daily interest in their child’s progress.

18. Promotion to students will be granted on the basis of regularity of the attendance (75%) and the pupil’s academic year performance during the entire year.

19. Please do not send your child to school if he /she is unwell. A proper application or Medical certificate must be submitted in writing by the parents.

20. For safety and security, parents should refrain from sending money with their child without specific written notice from the school.

21. Last but not the least, we expect parents and guardians to be cordial and polite with the staff of the school even in the most taxing situations.